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Fresh perspectives
We combine industry expertise with know-how of the rapidly changing world of communications
Creative commerce
We work with passion to shape and inspire ideas to help companies move foreward
Evolving knowledge
We engage your audience by anticipacting what will interest them in the future

About us

We’re redefining communications for the maritime, trade and logistics space, helping you move beyond business as usual. From PR and corporate communications to brand management, marketing and everything in between, Ancora Communications is here to craft your company story. Our 360-degree approach proves value to your customers and propels your business forward.

With our unique combination of industry know-how and communications expertise we offer fresh perspectives to build strong brands and raise profiles in international markets.
Fresh perspectives
Trust is at the core of any good business relationship, as decision makers choose suppliers by the way they are perceived as well as their expertise. Ancora Communications combines industry expertise with know-how of the rapidly changing world of communications. We offer a fresh perspective to enhance your company’s profile.
Creative commerce
Fact-based business branding is an effective way to link suppliers’ messages and decision makers’ needs. Ancora Communications  drives consistent and engaging campaigns that leverage both social and traditional media. This generates momentum among your target groups and ensures to spread your word.
Evolving knowledge
Effective communications are essential for making an impact in the market. Ancora Communications knows the industry inside out and will work with you to get to know your particular business from top to bottom. We know where your audiences are coming from and anticipate what will interest them in the future.

Our Team

Antje Hanna Roehl, Ancora Communications' founder, has over 15 years of experience in various roles in the maritime, transport and logistics industry. A former deputy editor-in-chief of a logistics publication, she knows how to handle the media. And with degrees in economics and communications she'll ensure that Ancora always keeps an eye on your company's overall business strategy.
We work with people who are truly passionate about the industry and we know that if we are excited about something, we will find a way to engage your audience, too. No matter if copywriting, design or developing strategies, together we inspire and shape ideas to help your company move forward.

Our Global Network

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Ancora Communications benefits from its location in the heart of Europe that ensures easy access to other parts of the world. In addition, we feature a network of like-minded PR professionals throughout the world to offer a continuous service locally.

Ancora has forged strategic relationships with partner companies in the crucial US and Asia-Pacific markets, which ensure close links with key media, decision makers and interest groups in those parts of the world.


Ancora Communications specialises in services related to the international trade, maritime and logistics environment. We apply a sensible mix of classic PR, digital content marketing and brand management to build trust, credibility and authority with your audience. 

Public relations

Relationships are a crucial resource for your organisation.

PR helps to build, protect and enhance reputations through the public sphere and the media, using both traditional and social channels.

Ancora Communications creates narratives to advance your value-proposition. We analyse your organisation, identify your positive messages and translate them into engaging stories. And in case the news is not so favourable, we formulate the best response and mitigate the damage.

We build relationships and shape your image.
Communication audits and strategy
Media relations and public affairs
Editorial services
 Media training
Change management
 Issue and crisis management

Brand Management

Your brand is your mark of distinction.

Brands in the narrow sense of taglines and logos are just the tip of the iceberg that is corporate reputation management. However, many companies still tend to underestimate the power of brands in B2B decision making. When service providers become increasingly interchangeable, brand value can be a decisive factor in the purchasing process.

Your company delivers results - Ancora Communications manages your reputation.
Brand development
Brand recalibration
Brand awareness

Corporate Publishing

Inspiring ideas to connect with your audience.

Passion, creativity, industry know-how and journalistic expertise - Ancora Communications combines core elements to engage with your clients. There is more to a corporate identity than just a logo, tag-line and a corporate design. To build a convincing and credible profile you need to speak a uniform language on every level.

Consistency across all media is key, and corporate publishing a powerful way to share your achievements with the world. 
Annual reports
Corporate magazines
Success stories
Corporate blogs and videos
Collateral advisory & design

Digital Communications

Content lets you stand out.
Quality content has always been at the core of every good PR campaign. However, with the rise of social media and online marketing, some other 'c' words have proven to be just as crucial. Conversation, communities, commerce and cross media add a twist to content as it used to be, and have transformed it into something new: content marketing.

Whatever digital channel you may prefer, Ancora Communications ensures your message comes across the right way. 
Content strategy
Content marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Social media strategy and execution


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